Our Board of Directors is made up of 17 church leaders from across Canada. We have pastors, physicians, lawyers, accountants, professionals, business people etc. We meet once a year for our ministry.

Dr. William H. Lim (BC)

Honorary Chairman
Rev. Sing Yui King (BC)

Dr. Anthony Chan (ON)
Rev. Thomas Chan (QC)
Mr. Alex Fan (AB)
Mrs. Ruth Ho (BC)
Miss Angela Kan (BC)
Rev. Xavier Law (BC)
Mr. Lawrence Lee (AB)
Mr. Jolland Leung (BC)
Mr. Benjamin Li (BC)
Rev. Tai Ping Li (ON)
Dr. David Liang (ON)
Mr. James Liu (AB)
Dr. Ian Ma (BC)
Rev. George Mah (ON)
Dr. Thomas Tam (BC)
Mr. Peter Wu (BC)